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Every single creature on our planet, big or small, strong or weak, plays an important role. Even creepy crawlies are vital for the survival of their ecosystem. Many of these creatures are going extinct and becoming endangered because of us. It is vital that we understand that we are not the only things on this planet. Humans only make up 0.01% of all life on Earth yet we have managed to destroy 83% of wild mammals. 

We must protect the environment.



Follow these 5 simple steps to make a difference and protect what rightfully belongs here.


1. Plant some trees

Trees are a great source of oxygen and removes carbon dioxide. They decrease the ozone level in the environment and help stabilise the climate. Trees clean the air around us and reduce air pollutants. They really are incredible and deforestation needs to decrease as much as possible. Humans should be living with nature not without it.

2. Save fuel

Rather than driving up to the shop which is 5 minutes away; walk. It will be good for your physical and mental health and also helps the environment. Non-electrical vehicles produce greenhouse gases which warms the environment. Use public    transport, car share, walk or even cycle. 

3. Say no to plastic

Not only is plastic bad for the environment but it is bad for you. When we eat or drink items that come in plastic packaging we are digesting micro-plastics. This can harm us. Plastic takes around 2000 years to decompose and during these 2000 years, one piece of plastic can hurt thousands of animals. The micro-plastics will travel down the food chain and animals can choke and suffocate. If you do use plastic then be sure to recycle it. We can certainly live without plastic, we just need to replace plastic with eco-friendly materials.

4. Save electricity

When you walk into a room and turn the light on, don't forget to turn the light off when you walk back out. Turn off the air-conditioning when not in use and un-plug electrical appliances when you do not need them. Make the most of the sunlight and the breeze. This will save you using artificial lights and air-conditioning. 

5. Become a 'green consumer'

This means that when you are shopping you should always consider what is best for the environment. This includes                looking out for products which come in non-plastic packaging, finding the goods that are locally produced and choosing products which are water and energy efficient.


There are many more changes that you can make such as quitting smoking, reduce your red meat intake and spread the word. It is always good to share your green ideas with other people so they can take advantage of them.

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