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Why are the oceans warming?

It all started during the industrial revolution in the 1800’s when we first started burning fossil fuels and began deforestation. All these activities and many others release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, making earth warmer. Hardly any of that heat has actually remained in the atmosphere, however it has still had a massive effect. It has warmed up the air by Earth surface by around 0.6 degrees celsius (1 degree fahrenheit). Most of the other heat has been absorbed by our oceans, this is mainly because the oceans are so enormous and because water takes much more energy to heat up than air. The warming of oceans is harming marine life by causing marine heat waves and affecting their habitats, as many creatures, such as plankton (which play a key role in the food chain) are very sensitive to temperature changes. It is also causing much stronger storms and making sea levels higher. Visit the Save the Planet page to find out what you can do or contact me. It must come to an end!

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