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Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough is my hero, my inspiration and certainly my role model. Just the sound of his voice takes me to a magnificent place.

Sir David Frederick Attenborough is a British broadcaster and natural historian. He is most famous for his wonderful documentaries, which he writes and presents. David Attenborough shares the wonders of our world with everyone.

When I sat down and began watching David Attenborough's Blue Planet, I was a new person. The magic of the ocean left me completely awestruck and I knew that I must make him proud. That night I sat down and began writing a speech (if you would like to read this speech I have published it as a blog post named - climate change). I was also worried about performing my speech and sharing it with the world, but I knew who would appreciate it - David Attenborough. On the 25th April 2019, I wrote a letter to Sir David and attached my speech. 16 days later he responded. It was a surreal moment but it was a moment which shaped who I am today.

Today we are celebrating this inspirational man's 94th birthday. That is 94 years of inspiring others to make a difference. To celebrate I am spending 30 minutes with my litter picker on the streets.

I hope that one day I can be as inspirational and fascinating as him.

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