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Ocean Exploration

It seems to us that the oceans are full of life, full of creatures and coral, with an extreme abundance of colour, and it seems to us that we know much about it. If any of us were to go snorkelling now, we would be able to name a parrot fish, a cuttlefish, a turtle and if we studied these creatures in detail we would be able to say how they breathe and how they swim. There are thousands of popular tourist destinations on the coast, and each year thousands of people will swim in these waters, exploring the paradise. It seems that this paradise goes on forever and to some extent it does.

It is incredible to think that all the ocean scientists and explorers, who spend hours a day on the sea, have only explored 5% of the ocean. This is all of them combined. It makes us seem so small and weak, compared to the mighty sea.

The oceans are incredibly large and it is hard to understand how large. To begin with, we must get our head around the surface but then think about what is under the surface. All of the incredible life, in the sunlight, twilight and midnight zones. Then think about all of the life living between the surface and challenger deep (you can read about this in one of my blogs).

I still can't get my head around it and I'm sure you are in the same position.

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