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Ocean Day!

The oceans help us, therefore, we must help the oceans.

To celebrate Ocean Day being celebrated on 8th June (today) we must thank the oceans and everything they do for us. To begin with, they absorb between 30 - 50% of the carbon dioxide burned by fossil fuels and they produce 70 - 80% of the air we breathe.

Now we must thank the plankton, which are perfect examples of tiny organisms playing vital roles. They absorb the carbon dioxide using photosynthesis, providing food for all marine life.

Without them, the food chains would completely crumble.

The oceans help moderate the temperature and have absorbed 80% of the heat caused by climate change. This is no excuse. It is utterly unfair for us to rely on the oceans to solve all of our problems. We are the ones causing climate change, yet the oceans and our beautiful planet is feeling the impact. The impact of our wrong doings. There is still a chance to make it right, but we must act now. With no hesitations. Check out the save the planet page to see what you can do. No matter how big or small, you can make a difference.

The oceans are stunning and I cannot stop saying this. They are huge tourist attractions and are winders to our eyes. Let's keep it this way as it is our only option.

Celebrate world ocean day by doing something good for our planet. However, don’t forget that everyday is ocean and earth day!

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