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I would love to know more about seahorses?

Onto seahorses. These creatures are truly fascinating. They are rare in the way that they are monogamous and mate for life. Only a few fish do this. In addition, seahorses are among the only creatures in which the male carries the child. They are found in shallow tropical areas, and can range from 0.6 to 14 inches long. Due to their upright position, seahorses can easily die of exhaustion, especially in storms. They swim by using a small fin on their back, this can flutter up to 35 times per second! Even smaller fins near the back and head are used for steering. They use their tale to attach themselves to things like coral and seagrass, and use their long snout to suck in plankton. 

There are around 30 species of seahorse, but due to pollution and habitat depletion and over - harvesting, some of these species are vulnerable to extinction. 

I hope that this helps. Pleas do let me now if you have anymore questions.

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