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Bubble-net feeding

Bubble-net Feeding is a feeding technique adopted by Humpback whales.

This is a unique way of feeding which needs teamwork and cooperation. The whales will swim a circle blowing bubbles above them, with the power of all the whales’ bubbles, the fish are forced to the surface. The fish can’t deal with the noise produced which comes as an advantage to the whales. Once the fish are on the surface, all the whales need to do is swallow their dinner. Sometimes up to 3000lbs of fish a day. Easy? No, this is a very complicated highly synchronised effort.

This works because the fish get confused by the leading whale blowing bubbles from below them. After the leading humpback has confused the fish the others join in by trapped the fish in their bubble-net. The whales then dive into the bubble-net, mouths wide open.

This is a beautiful and thrilling sight which I was lucky enough to witness.

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