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The summer of 2018 was absolutely unimaginable for me. I started off with a week in Clearwater, Florida and then flew to Bonaire. The trip didn't end here but that is for a different time.

It was in Bonaire, that I went scuba diving for the first time. The sound of the parrot fish munching on the coral, and the abundance of marine life surrounding me will never leave my memory. When snorkelling, I thought 'wow, this is truly remarkable, there can't be anything better'. However, when I vanished into the magical underwater world in scuba gear, I was proved to be wrong.

Bonaire is an island in the Leeward Antilles in the Dutch Caribbean. Bleeching and hurricanes have affected Bonaire's water but for me all I could concentrate on was the beautiful canvas that lay before me. The waters were some of the cleanest that I've seen, and so were the beaches themselves. I spotted the occasional plastic water bottle and bag but after picking them up it was clean.

Some of the most amazing things that I saw, were green sea turtles and flamingos, gracefully wading in pink water.

We were driving down an empty road, when I noticed the landscape. On my left there was pink water and on my right, the water was blue. I believe that the water was pink due to the salt levels and this completely astonished me.

Travelling to Bonaire is an experience that I shall never forget, for I don't think I can forget it.

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