Why did Roald Amundsen win the race to the South Pole? 


Have you ever wanted to know why Scott and his team were slower at reaching the South Pole? This short passage should help.


 Roald Amundsen won the race to the South Pole because he had a 60 mile headstart and used husky dogs to carry their sledges. This 60 mile head start may not seem like a lot but when travelling in the freezing cold this means less exposure to the harsh conditions. The husky dogs also played a huge role as without these carrying the sledges, Amundsen would not have reached the South Pole at the speed that he did. Scott used horses, which were not used to these harsh conditions and quickly died of illness. The huskies survived playing a significant role in Norway’s victory. In addition, Amundsen copied the clothing of the Inuit people which helped keep them warm, enough.

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Seals eat cod and herring and other small fish.

Seals are marine mammals and have four flippers. They are in the category of animal known as Pinnipedia which means fin- footed.

They have whiskers which help them detect prey in dark and murky waters. Seals can sleep underwater because they spend so many months out at sea.


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